Timely and deeply provocative for those who are questioning the church’s stance on homosexuality or the right to marry issue, this memoir lays raw the lives of two women who speak from the heart to share their journey as married mid-aged women who inexplicably fall in love.   Challenged by their own homophobia and inner chaos, traditional religious views, immense professional responsibilities with now questionable job security, and an increasingly complex and painful entanglement of relationships with their confused husbands and eight children, they describe the struggles in their loving monogamous relationship through a period of thirty years. 

All of the family members, thrust into spiritual chaos and the realities of varying degrees of familial and societal marginalization related to the lesbian commitment, struggle to forge their individual way through constant issues with peers, friends, neighbors and each other.  The children’s struggles with Mom and other Mom are most vividly described and it is clear that in these times when making good choices is a common paradigm, almost no one involved knows what those are. 

Bonnie and Jane anchor their struggle by turning to God for prayer and guidance, offering love to all who will receive it, praying for peace for those who won’t, and at times bankrupting themselves of energy to continue.  Readers cannot help but be impressed by their eloquence and honesty, their alert understanding and empathy for others during the brutally occurring issues, their exceptional professional contributions toward the health and welfare of others and the tender love story which drives the drama.  The issues become clear.  The resolutions challenge us all. 



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