Jane and I met with a book group in Marshalltown, Iowa to discuss our book, and they asked if we would conduct the conversation using the PeerSpirit Circle process (see http://peerspirit.com/downloadable-gifts.html for basic circle guidelines).  A couple of days following the meeting, here are some of the comments we received from book club members:

"I was eagerly awaiting the visit of you both and to meet the authors of this fabulous book that I had read and sooooooo enjoyed.  But more than that, I wanted to meet you as people, as women and human beings .  And what a meeting it was!! To meet you both in circle was so rich, so deep and so amazing....it was hard to let go of the morning.  And I can now sit and feel that circle strength as I visualize us all together in that amazing circle of safety and love.  Thank you so much for that.  The power of those visuals will be recalled, and our conversation about your book touches me so deeply, I cannot tell you."

And another: "We all enjoyed having you join our group as as we conversed about your book -- a memory that will always stay with us.  It was so powerful to sit with you both in Circle.  This is what will change this illusionary world we live in -- small groups getting together, stirring the energy with a silver oar, and letting the energy go back out to surround others."

We were so honored to share this experience with such a delightful group of spiritual, competent women.


Every day in our life in our daily routine we meet so many people, some are friends, some are mentors, some are peers, some are teachers and some are students, each and every person knows something that we do not know.


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And women very happy, I hope, of such experience shared with them! Great knowedges!


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