This was just received from a male reader:

"You and No Other - what a delightful read, a memoir from two individuals as they entered into a same-gender relationship together. I held my breath for them. I cried for them. I felt myself awakened to hear of their courage and love and learning. It’s a book about being true to the best of what can happen as human beings."

Salt Lake City, UT

We thought our book would be helpful to women, and what a sweet surprise to be hearing about it from men. An early-thirties man writes,"I wanted to convey my sincere thanks to both of you for sharing such a powerful and beautifully-written story. I was struck by many things about your book, but more than anything else, I was truly overwhelmed by the strength of your relationship and your unusually deep understanding of the love you share for one another.  The circumstances surrounding the genesis and formative years of your relationship were obviously an amazing catalyst for increased understanding and deeper appreciation between the two of you.  Yours is such a wonderful example of how adversity makes one stronger in their beliefs. I can't thank you enough for sharing your story.  I was deeply moved and incredibly grateful for the opportunity to reconnect with (my own) important emotions.  The two of you are a profound example of the shaping power of a love story."

And a mid-aged male wrote,
"You and No Other is a splendid book, unique in its approach from what I've seen, and particularly valuable because of that.  By unique, I mean that it combines intense intimacy with clinical thoroughness, all within a general approach of compassion and courageous self-examination.  A young person reading this book can almost immediately identify with the emotional and thought processes you've recorded and the stages you went through and realize what he or she is feeling can be normal and healthy, no matter what people may be saying, even if those people are very close when the young person starts his or her voyage on these difficult seas.  No doubt it took a lot of energy and guts to get this story this right- very impressive indeed."