Lisa Kaas Boyle, in The Huffington Post, has written an article entitled, It Will Get Better: Speaking out on Gay Suicides.  She states, " Healthy gay teenagers are dying in their homeland. Whether they take their own lives like Rutgers student Tyler Clementi, or are murdered like Matthew Shepard of Laramie, these young Americans die because they are gay in a culture that tells them quite plainly that America does not accept them. This message comes not only from religious institutions that claim to preach the word of God, but from states and the American government that stigmatize gays as second class citizens, barred from experiencing the rights other Americans take for granted."

The It Gets Better Project is working diligently to provide support for these vulnerable young people - .to give them places to turn when they feel everyone is against them - when they feel the world would be a better place without them. It's important work and it's urgently needed. Please click on the link below to read the full article that states the issue so elegantly.