A neighbor, Louise, told us this story about our book:

She said she was having lunch with some long-time friends in New York, when the conversation turned to books each of them was reading.  Louise told the group she had just finished our book, You and No Other, and would highly recommend it. A friend of hers, Betty, later asked her to repeat the name of the book.

About a month later, Louise received a call from Betty. Seems Irish Catholic Betty, mother of six children, had long denied that her oldest daughter Carolyn was most likely in a lesbian relationship, and consequently there had been no conversation between them over the years regarding Carolyn's personal life. As a result, Carolyn and her partner had grown much closer to her partner's family, all of whom were openly accepting of their relationship.

After reading You and No Other and telling her husband they weren't going to be ashamed of their daughter any longer, Betty called Carolyn and after many years they've begun having conversations about Carolyn's whole life - not just the bits and pieces Betty had been willing to hear and Carolyn knew it was safe to talk about. Betty called to thank Louise for changing her (Betty's) life by changing the relationship with Carolyn she had created out of fear - and for our book having given her the courage to again relate deeply and honestly with her beloved daughter .

This is just what we've always hoped our book might accomplish in helping individuals to better understand one another. Thanks, Louise, for sharing the story.
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