Marilyn Carlson Nelson is Chairman of Carlson Companies, one of the largest privately held companies in the world. Forbes magazine has also regularly selected her as one of "the World's 100 Most Powerful Women." So when she wrote a Star Tribune commentary on the Minnesota constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage that will be on the 2012 ballot, her words were profound. Even though it is somewhat long, be sure to read the article to the end where she makes a startling revelation. We definitely need more leaders of her caliber, and with her sensitivity, to stand up and speak out.

This article, written by a judge, is a very poignant plea for sane minds in those who'll be voting on Minnesota's marriage amendment in 2012. After presiding over a deathbed marriage of a man and woman, the judge meets a woman who would never be able to request a Minnesota judge to perform a deathbed marriage of her to her partner of 12 years, Jeanne. The judge then writes on, "Can't we get past the idea of what a married couple should look like?"
His article is so worth the read.

From the HRC website: "In May 2008, California’s Supreme Court ruled that same-sex couples have the equal right to marry under the state constitution.  That decision was effectively overruled when Proposition 8 was approved by voters on Nov. 4, 2008 by a 52.3 - 47.7% margin."

Maybe we're just naive, but we had no idea how and how much pressure was brought to bear on California voters to assure that the Supreme Court's decision would not stand. And much of the information presented to the public in films and written material was patently false. (See Watch the movie trailer for "8: The Mormon Proposition 2010") or stream the entire film from Netflix.

This obviously has significant implications for all voters in those states where a constitutional amendment barring same gender marriage might be put to a general vote. It behooves all of us to understand the forces behind manipulative lobbying efforts to sway the vote either way on this important issue.