I just checked out the Amazon rankings of our book compared with other books having the same tags, or identified as being in the same genres. About 16 months after its publication, here are the category rankings of You and No Other, when the categories are sorted by "Recently Popular."
  • Social Issues: top 5% out of over 600 books
  • Memoirs: top 5% out of over 7,000 books
  • Spiritual Growth: top 14% out of over 4,500 books
  • Women's Studies: top 2% out of over 1,700 books
  • Women's Issues: top 3% out of over 1,550 books
  • Lesbian: top 16% out of over 5,800
We're so very grateful to you, our readers, for helping us spread the word about these important issues.
Just checked on our book's ranking on Amazon.com. For books sorted by popularity, we're in the top 9% out of 500 of those tagged as social issues, the top 11% out of nearly 6,000 of those tagged as memoir, and in the top 14% out of 3800 of those tagged as spiritual growth. For books tagged as being for midlife women and sorted by popularity, our book is #1 out of 8. Who knew??