A man in his 60's writes:
Bonnie and Jane -
   I finished reading your book last evening, and here are my immediate takeaways:
- Your book was striking in its honesty and courage. I would not have been able to write about my personal life as both of you were able to do, nor deal with the myriad of difficult issues you faced.
- This book was obviously well received by a significant number of people - including me.
- I was amazed by Jane's character, intellect, and ability to find ways to grow despite the hideous treatment she received for years from those family members who were supposed to love her.
- Erin's senior essay about Bonnie's influence as her Mom was one of the most touching I have ever read.
- It is difficult for me to understand how so many people need to inflict pain and intentional hurt on others simply because they have chosen a different path.
   Thank you for sharing your book with me.  
And a woman from France wrote:
   Once I started your book it was difficult to put down.  My major thoughts during the reading was of course the obstacles that you had to face with each respective family and other people, but the most interesting as far as I am concerned was the continuous personal introspection to grow spiritually during these difficult times.  It gives me courage to know that life is a spiritual development and no matter the length of the journey we will grow introspectively in love and light. I will also be delighted to recommend your book to anyone I feel would benefit of your experience.                            ==============================================
Just bought your book yesterday at a conference (thank you for signing it!). I read it before I went to sleep and had dreams about you both - deep, good dreams - then finished the book as soon as I woke up. What a beautiful story and beautifully written book by two very beautiful people. So much love and spirituality comes shining through the pages of your journey together. Big hugs to you both.
A fellow author from MN wrote:
Hi Bonnie and Jane,
Read your book over the last few days! Lovely! Well written! Brave! Forthright! Engrossing! You two surely laid out the years of trials and tribulations and I was so happy at the end to read that you and Jane's family have pretty much reconciled. Hard to cover 30-some years in 219 pages and especially from two points of view. Congratulations! And kudos on your recent award!

We deeply appreciate every person's comments and are grateful to have touched so many.
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