Another member of that fabulous book group we met with in Marshalltown, IA has written another letter to the editor regarding Iowa's efforts to overturn their Supreme Court's decision to allow gays to marry:
                                                                                        February 3, 2011

Dear Editor, Marshalltown Times Republican:

I think we would all agree that our state legislature has many serious problems to deal with this session - creating jobs, stimulating the economy, improving our schools, and balancing our budget.   That is why I am concerned that so much time has been devoted to passing an amendment to prevent gay individuals from retaining their marriage rights. 

Approval of this amendment would overturn the 2009 Iowa Supreme Court’s unanimous decision giving gay Iowans the same freedoms and responsibilities as the rest of us - to marry whomever we choose.  The Iowa Supreme Court is responsible for interpreting our laws regarding their constitutionality - and that is exactly what these justices did.

Iowa has had a long and proud tradition of giving its citizens the opportunity to reach their full potential.    Many gay Iowans make important contributions to our communities each day - caregivers, teachers, nurses, doctors, legislators, and business owners - to mention just a few.   I look forward to the day when the value of these individuals is measured by their hard work and accomplishments, not by whom they love.


Nancy Earney – Marshalltown, IA